Spiral Notepad Mr. Jones "Price of Truth". Format: A6

There are two types of notebook with and without a passe-partout.

70 pages.

Blank block.

Color: cream.

Format: A6.

Spiral notebook.

With pen as a gift.

140 uah

Mr. Jones’ historical thriller in Ukrainian theaters. The film is based on a story of Gareth Jones, a British reporter who was the first who under his real name told the world about genocide of Ukrainians during the Great Famine Holodomor in 1932-33 and crimes of Stalin’s regime.

Especially for the premiere, we’ve created an exclusive notebook with the official poster of the film. Spiral notebook is created in useful pocket size format, and you could easily get rid of unnecessary pages.

Also, with the purchase you will get FILM.UA branded pen as a gift.