CALENDAR 2023 SPADOK, wall-mounted, cross-over, A3, 16 p.

Type: wall-mounted, tilting.

Format - A3 (420 х 297 mm), 16th century.

The language is Ukrainian and English.

Public holidays in the calendar grid.

An additional page with a calendar for the entire year 2023.

299 uah

The national festive dress of Ukraine is very diverse, and it is not surprising, Ukraine is a big country, and each region has its own unique patterns for embroidery.

The calendar presents images of traditional clothing of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Each page demonstrates the uniqueness of our culture in different parts of Ukraine.

The talented team of the SPADOK project studied and reconstructed the smallest details of the clothes presented in the incredible calendar for 2023.

Let's respect the originality of Ukrainian heritage!