Family board game "Mavka: Magic Willow"

What's in the box?

Tablet of the Magic Forest, Tablet Kylina, 10 maps of Kylyna fortresses, 5 player memory cards, 12 cards of the Magic Forest, 3 character figures, Rules of the game.

Gender: For girls, For boys

Age: 6-9,9-12 Adults

Number of players: 2,3,4,5

Game time: Fast (up to 30 min.)

LxWxH (cm): 23 x 16 x 5 cm

Weight (kg): 1.2 kg.

799 uah

Game world

You are transported to the fairy-tale world of Mavka and her friends! And if you watched the animated film about the adventures of Mavka, then you know that the treacherous Kylina and her assistants tried to steal the Heart of the Forest and appropriate it for themselves. Kylina needs the magic of the Forest so that her youth lasts forever. You will have to protect the Heart of the Forest from thieves, overcoming the pits of Kylina. Bring Mavka and Lukash to the Magic Willow and save the Magic Forest and its inhabitants!

Key game mechanics

In the game Mavka: Magic Willow you are all one team fighting on the side of good against evil - Kylina and her followers. You will need good strategic skills, attention and memory to reach the Magic Willow as quickly as possible and prevent Kylina from capturing the Heart of the Forest - the source of its life.

The course of the game

The players perform their moves in turn, clockwise.

The course consists of the following steps:

Select and open the Magic Forest map

Defeat Kylina's kapost (if possible)

Move the characters along the paths

Close the Magic Forest map

Apply the effects of kapotas