Family Board Game "Mavka. Between Two Worlds"

What's in the box: 1 game board, 5 player tablets, 56 rune cards, 5 character figurines, 24 objective tokens, 5 character token tokens, Game Rules

Age: 9-12, Adults

Number of players: 2, 3, 4, 5

Game time: Medium (up to 1 hour)

Genre: Strategies

LxWxH (cm.): 21.1 x 29.8 x 5 cm

Weight (kg): 1.6 kg.

1 499 uah


Mavka, Lukas, Hush, Kittyfrog and Dot had a blast at the fair in the Human World, but it was time to return to the Magical Forest. But this is not a reason to end the fun. The friends decided to organize an unusual race, visiting various places in both worlds and exploring the paths between them. Guide your character through magical paths and help him win this race.

Game world

In this wonderful board game, you will play as one of the characters from the cartoon "Mavka" - Mavka herself, Lukas, Hush, Kittyfrog or Dot. Each participant receives a personal task that indicates which location he needs to get to. Having reached the desired location, the player takes a token indicating the next goal. Choose the most successful paths, use runes and properties of locations, try to outrun other players by moving around the playing field. The first player to reach the third final location wins.

Key game mechanics

In the game Mavka: Between Two Worlds, you, as one of the friends of the Mavka company, receive a personal task in which your target location is indicated, which you must reach as soon as possible. Choose the most successful paths, using runes and properties of different places, and try to outrun your opponents on the field!