Black Hoodie 'The Rising Hawk' with a hood

Sweatshirt with a hood.

Color: black.

Size: XS, S, M

100% cotton.


500 uah

This pattern was created by Antonina Belinska, a costume designer of ‘The Rising Hawk’ feature film, for one of the main characters, Tuhar Vovk.

“We wanted to stress that Tuhar is a typical wealthy person of XIII century. We have found many costume elements in reconstructions and old documents. So, we found a type of cloak, which indicated social status. Only dukes and closed to them voivodes could afford it. It was partly made from velvet decorated with gold embroidered ornaments. When Tuhar had to emphasize his status, he wears this cloak”, — tells Antonina about this pattern.

We decided to combine the cloak ornament with a modern hoodie. So you could certainly know what to wear to look both simple and luxurious.