Silk Scarf from the collection MAVKA by NAVRO

Material: Silk (97% Se, 3% El).

Color: Multi-color.

Size: 140х140 cm.

8 294 uah

Mavka - the Soul of the Forest and his Guardian - falls in love with a man, a talented musician Lukash, and is faced with a difficult choice: love or her duty to the forest. 

The project is based on Lesya Ukrainka’s drama extravaganza “Forest Song” and on images from Slavic mythology. 

The animated film will be understandable to the widest audience around the world, but at the same time it contains the charm of Ukrainian authenticity, which will bring viewers something new and still undiscovered in world animation. The plot of "Mavka" will interest adults with its originality, and children - with adventure and humor.