Mavka’s Charm Pendant. Hand-made product

Limited collection from the OBERIG jewelry house.

Material: silver, copper.

Size: 42mm*32mm.

Lace length: 72 cm (adjustable).


5 700 uah

Mavka’s Charm is an ancient Ukrainian rune that symbolizes the harmony of the four elements, protects a woman's beauty and amplifies the sources of inner energy and the natural feminine magic. The charm will protect its owner and grant her primordial power. This pendant will make you a protector of the Earth’s natural treasures: 100 UAH from the purchase of Mavka’s Charm will go to the World Wildlife Fund in Ukraine to protect the rare and noble Lynx and its habitat — the Ukrainian forests.

This item is the creation of two brands that share common values, philosophy and vision of social responsibility: MAVKA. FOREST SONG animated film and OBERIG jewelry house. The master craftsmanship of the jewelers at OBERIG and the power of ancient Ukrainian symbols are embodied in a limited series of elegant copper and silver jewelry. Every day, Mavka’s Charm will remind you that the world is better when we strive to become better ourselves.