Sport’s PULSE Fanny Pack With a Carbine

Material: polyester.

Belt length: 120 cm.

Max size of the pocket: 16x9 cm.

Color: orange.

Furniture color: black.

Water-resistant material and zip lock.

300 uah

A fanny pack for runners, cyclists, and all lovers of active lifestyle. Also, suitable for everyday use when it is not convenient to carry a bag.

No longer need to hold your phone, player, and keys in your hands. Now you don't have to put them in your pockets where they shake and interfere. All the things you need you can put into this fanny pack. Phone, keys, player, money will fit into it, and there still will be a lot of space. And most importantly, this all will be securely fixed and will not shake while running.

Go for a run, break new obstacles, while Pulse sports goods will take care of your comfort.

Pulse film tells a story of Ukrainian field athlete Oksana Boturchuk who after a terrible car accident the almost lost her eyesight. It seems that Oksana has no other choice but to forget not only about the long wished Olympics, but also about a normal life. However, she is not going to give up and wishes to prove that there are no obstacles on the way to make the real dream come true.

Complete your own PULSE sport set: