Waist bag "36.6. Energy of life"

Material: diving

Belt length: 120cm

Waterproof; with a compartment for a bottle; with headphone jack, telephone

Color: light blue

Hardware color: black

300 uah

Belt bag for runners, cyclists and active lifestyles. Also suitable for everyday use, in cases where it is not convenient to take a bag with you.

You no longer need to hold your phone, player and keys in your hands, now you don't need to put them in your pockets, where they shake and get in the way. All the items you need can be put in the elastic waist bag. Places a lot: phone, keys, player, money, and there is still space. And the most important thing is that everything is well fixed in your pocket and does not shake while running.

Get out on the road, overcome new obstacles, and sports goods from the TV channel "36.6. Energy of Life" will take care of your comfort.