Book "Master of Miracles" Sergii Tovstenka

Book "Master of Miracles" Sergii Tovstenka

Format 28,5х25,5 cm 

80 pages, hard cover

Language: Ukrainian 

Author: Sergey Tovstenko

Illustrator: Mikhail Alexandrov

200 uah

Amazing book that combines the modern adventure story and favorite fairy tales of the world about flights. Andrew and Mary are ordinary children. However, they were fortunate enough to find a real miracle - a magic ball that leads them to the mysterious "Master of Miracles", acquaints with the magician Master Gastos the Nineteenth and lets them take a look into the true fairy tale. An exciting story about the miracles that are nearby and can happen to everyone. Five most interesting fairy tales about flying wonders and incredible illustrations make this book look and feel truly charming.