How can a child get into a movie. A practical guide for parents

Author: Natalia Doroshenko
Cover: hard
Number of pages: 232
Format: 140 × 210 mm
Publisher: Our Format
Category: training and education
Language: Ukrainian
Year of publication: 2021

250 uah


Many of us have watched "At Home Himself" several times, but thought, what is it like for a child to act in films? How many people on the set, time, effort, patience, makeup, costumes do you need? The author will literally change your ideas about the world of cinema and, possibly, turn you into the parents of the actor's child. Yes, yes, a film career is not for the elite, but for everyone who wants and makes efforts. Natalia Doroshenko will tell you how to get to the casting, what to do in case of refusal, how to avoid star fever and act when the child at the last moment “didn't want” to go to the site. You will also find out whether it is worth contacting agencies, how not to stumble upon scammers, and why it is a bad idea to cut your baby's hair the day before filming.


For parents who want to understand the unknown world of the media industry and outline a starting point and navigate the sequence of actions from "I want" to "my child is STAR" (actor, fashion model, presenter), as well as teenagers who are not averse to making filming their part-time job. 


This book is a comprehensive parenting guide with step-by-step instructions, checklists, legal advice, and filming tips to save you money and frustration.


Finally, a book appeared in Ukraine that can be called a roadmap to a child's stellar success. Finally, the experience gained over the years will be useful to millions of parents. True, not everyone will succeed, but not everyone needs it. But confidence, faith in yourself and your own strengths, the ability to communicate and confidently meet different events in life - this is what your child will receive in full. Yuri Gorbunov, producer, TV presenter, actor.