The book "Dovbush. Dignity or oblivion". Vasyl Karpyuk

Language: Ukrainian


Cover: binding


Pages: 240


Format: 135x205 mm


Illustrations: color

250 uah

Ukraine, XVIII century. Panic moods are spreading among the Polish nobility, because in the Carpathians there is an uprising of dissatisfied peasants. Poles call them robbers, but for Ukrainians they are real national heroes. The rebels are led by the elusive Oleksa Dovbush, proclaimed by the Poles themselves the Prince of Black Mountain

More than once, the Polish lords sent their troops to the Carpathian forests, but never once did they manage to capture or kill Oleksa. It seems that death itself bypasses the warrior. But what is it — ancient Ukrainian magic or desperate luck? Fate seems to be being tested by the leader of the opryshks - this time an entire army has been sent to exterminate the unruly Ukrainians. Will Dovbush be able to defend his land and restore freedom to Ukrainians?



This is Ukrainian land, and the enemy has only two options: retreat or be destroyed.