Scented candle with the symbol of Water

Aroma: Gardenia, lilac, orange blossom, rich, tropical aroma

Volume: 250 ml

Weight: 450 g

Burning time: 50-60 hours

Material: 100% soy wax (ecological, does not emit harmful substances)

Container material: tinted frosted glass

Size: Height - 8.4 cm; diameter - 7.4 cm

Packaging: Gift box

Package size: 10.5x7x7 cm

690 uah

The magical comfort provided by a candle with the rune of Water from the universe of Mavka.

Water is associated with youth, sensuality, strength of spirit and infinity. It is about sincerity and dreams. In Slavic mythology, Dana is considered the patroness of water.

The magical comfort provided by a candle with one of the runes of the earth. In ancient times, the land was revered as a source of food and abundance, so much attention was paid to fertility rituals.

Try your own ritual: light a candle, brew fragrant tea and feel the magic of simple joys.

This candle would make a great gift for those who:

- wants to create a special atmosphere at home;

- likes scented candles;

- admires ethnic aesthetics;

- supports the Ukrainian manufacturer.