Hairpin with symbol of four elements, dark

Material: metal, glass.

Length: 5 cm.

Color: black, bronzed metal.

Size: can be regulated.

Diameter of image: 1,5 sm.

Type: tick-tock.

50 uah

Bronzed metal hairpin with image of a rune under glass belong to the limited collection of jewelries that is devoted to world release of animated film “Mavka. The forest song”. These hairpin perfectly fit to any clothing and add to your outfit notes of flair.

The ancient Slavic rune symbolizes unity of four elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and a mark on the center of it is a fifth element, the birth of a new life. In the movie these runes adorn the main heroine. When Mavka hears the magic melody of Lukash’s flute, magic runes on her body begin shining.

These illustrations feature the main characters of the animated film Mavka. The Forest Song, based on Lesya Ukrainka's classic drama fairy-tale. Those are Mavka, her beloved Lucas, and Swampy – a magical forest creature.