Silver coin with symbols The Rising Hawk

Oschadbank together with FILM.UA minted a memorial silver coin specially for the premiere of ‘The Rising Hawk’ film.

You can buy a coin on the Oschadbank website.

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On October 10th, 2019 the Ukrainian premiere of ‘The Rising Hawk’ historical action film will take place. Specifically for this event, Oschadbank, The State Savings Bank of Ukraine, together with FILM.UA created a commemorative silver coin adorned with decorations relating to the film. It is the first coin ever to be minted for a premiere of a Ukrainian film.

It was produced by the Polish National Mint. Its design was developed by the minters based on the data provided by FILM.UA.

Revers depicts a scene from the movie where the protagonist in combat gear overlooks the majestic Carpathian mountains. Due to the modern technology of a laser-etched matte finish, the decorum looks multidimensional and atmospheric. The lower part of the reverse has “10.10.2019” etched into it. It is a date of a global premiere.

The upper part of the reverse contains the logo of the film. The obverse has a glossy finish It spots a stylized depiction of the golden eagle bird surrounded by Mongolian warriors.

You can buy a coin on the Oschadbank website.