Stickerbook "Magic Adventures in the City" with stickers

Age range: 4+ years

Illustrator: Olga Dehtiariova


18 pages + 8 pages with stickers

200 stickers

135 uah

‘Mom’s Magical Adventures in the City’ stickerbook is like a great journey! Why this book is so special?

Because you may create it by yourself! There are 200 stickers with plenty of characters and objects in the book. You may place them on 7 locations of an ordinary city. If you look closely, you will find magic creatures that live just next door: on a main square, at a police station, and even in the nearest park. And what’s more, maybe, this city was built on a sleeping Giant!

An amazing world of stories and illustrations from ‘Mom Hurries Home’ series.

Develop imagination, create your unique stories, develop better fine motor skills of your kids.

Collect the whole series about Alex`s Moms adventures of Mom in the city: