Unique tattoo rune «Mavka. Forest Song»

Unique rune tattoos with an augmented reality effect

Size 7,5х10,5 cm

The instruction is located on the back of the sheet


50 uah

These runes adorn the protagonist of “Mavka. Forest Song” animation film. When Mavka hears the enchanted melody of Lukash's flute, the magic runes on her body begin to shine. Thanks to these tattoos, everyone can experience the ancient spells of Polessia!

This ancient Slavic rune symbolizes the unity of the four elements — Earth, Water, Fire and Air. The dot in the center is the fifth element — the birth of new life.

Apply the tattoo on your skin, download the MAVKA AR app, point your mobile device’s camera on the rune and watch it come to life.

The tattoos can be removed with water with little effort. In case of careful handling, the tattoos can last up until one week.

Link to download the app: iTunes and Google Play.