THE RISING HAWK Beer Mug made of Clay

Not available!

Handmade mug with the film logo and golden eagle.

Material: clay.

Volume: 300 ml.

Not available!

Cheers for all the fans of ‘The Rising Hawk’ movie! The film releases on October 10th, so STORE FILM.UA has prepared great gifts!

Every mug is handmade created in Carpathian Mountains, so every mug is unique. It’s a gift for those who appreciates a taste of life and searches for things with local color and living history.

Apart from the logo of ‘The Rising Hawk’, there is golden eagle, the symbol of freedom, which symbolizes the main character of the film. 

In Ukraine, this bird can be found only at the high elevations of Carpathians. Wings raised and spread, it tries to protect its own world. It reminds us how important it is to stand your ground, guard your homeland, its heart, freedom, history, traditions, and remembrances.