Orange PULSE T-Shirt with Vertical Print

Color: black.

Size: XS; S.

Style: oversize.

Material: 95% collon, 5% elastane.


500 uah

Warning! Our fashion-o-meter goes right off the scale! If you searched for an ideal T-shirt, here it is. You can create perfectly simple and stylish images for everyday life or fitness, or even a gorgeous look for a cocktail party. You cannot find a more universal thing!

Pulse film tells a story of Ukrainian field athlete Oksana Boturchuk who after a terrible car accident the almost lost her eyesight. It seems that Oksana has no other choice but to forget not only about the long wished Olympics, but also about a normal life. However, she is not going to give up and wishes to prove that there are no obstacles on the way to make the real dream come true.

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